Rust Finland

Welcome to Rust Finland, a group of programmers enthusiastic about Rust, the blazingly fast and safe systems programming language developed by Mozilla.



Join the Finland Rust-lang Group Meetup group and come to our meetups. We try to host meetups regularly with a variety of topics ranging from basic to advanced topics.

No worries if you have no Rust experience or are just starting out. We welcome folks from all experience and interest levels.


Chat with us on the channel. We talk news, Rust features, ask questions, and help out others.


Check out our Github repositories under the rust-finland organization.

Currently we only have this website in there, but hopefully soon we can start creating repositories for other community projects and efforts.

Share the word

There could be hundreds if not thousands of people in Finland who are interested in Rust or maybe even work with it daily. The Rust Finland community is always open for new members.

By sharing this website, our meetup page, our repositories, or perhaps just mentioning us in a tweet you're helping people connect and network. The more the merrier!